Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 2-Mandy Spurlock

Today camp at Wesley Rankin was such a different experience for me than yesterday. The changes were definitely positive. The kids were familiar with us just as we were with them. I felt more confident around them the more I discovered their personalities. One girl that I interacted with yesterday ran up to hug me today when she saw me. It meant a lot to see that my impact just from one day had stuck. I loved interacting with the kids, getting to play with them and see them laugh. I felt that things went much smoother today since it was day 2 and we had more of a rhythm figured out with the kids. It was still tough to hear about some of the hard family lives and cultural norms, but it was positive to see such strong sibling ties. I can definitely feel my heart growing bigger and bigger for these kids. I'm not looking forward to the end of the third day when the camp will come to a close and we will be forced to say goodbye.

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  1. Great picture! sounds like all is going well and you guys are making an impact. Proud of all of you :)