Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adam Sparks

It was bittersweet having our last day of the camp with kids, but there really was a lot to learn and take back from this experience. Throughout the past couple of days, we were able to bond with the kids that we were working with. While there were times where our mom and dad voices had to come out, overall I would say that the experience was worthwhile. I can honestly say that coming into this trip, I was nervous having to deal with so many kids at once. Even with all my doubts, I feel that these kids taught me something while I was trying to teach them something. These kids have taught me that everyone deserves a chance for the best in life. Some of these kids are brought up having parents in gangs, prison, or separated yet they seem to still move on with their days. One is the biggest things that stood out to me during our group reflection of the day was a story told that some of the kids feel that they have no chance of getting out of the situations that they are in. I personally feel that everyone deserves a way out and they can acheive anything that they set their minds to. It was really upsetting to hear that those kids felt that way and it made me feel more thankful for the things that I have been given in my life. 

One of the biggest highlights that I had this week was being able to bond with kids. There was one child that would go on and on today about the toy robot constructed out of Legos and all of the upgrades the robot had undergone. There was another session where I helped one of the kindergarteners construct a police house. Those kids really have welcomed us as individuals and allowed us to put on this camp for them and all of us have loved the experience. 

(Favorite picture of the day)

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