Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 1-Dalton Breeding

Today was certainly an interesting day... We really did not know what to expect when we walked through the doors of Wesley-Rankin this morning. I was stationed in the gym, and quickly realized one thing: any and all plans needed to be thrown out the window in favor of flexibility and the interests of the kids. We were scheduled for an hour of freeze tag, however one game was not enough to keep them occupied for the full time. We ended up playing soccer, catch, basketball, and a number of variations of tag. 

I certainly experienced some significant culture shock throughout the day. Many of the kids are used to being disciplined by their fathers, so they did not respond to female authority figures well. We were all surprised at the number of gang-related references that we heard throughout the day, even from kids as young as five. 

Each age group presented different challenges, but the oldest groups were certainly the most rambunctious, but they all had seemingly endless energy. The kindergarteners in particular were comparable to the energizer bunny: they just kept going. All in all, today was a successful first day. While we are all exhausted already, we are preparing for another exciting day to tomorrow! 

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